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Vernier scale allows you to read a point in between two marks on a scale more accurately. Although the mathematics can be complicated, the method of using it is very simple.Calibre de Cartier fake Watches To find the fraction between two marks, the point at which the tip of the chronograph's hand has reached rest, look along the mobile scale to determine the best alignment of one mark on the dial with the mobile mark. The tenths are then calculated. The dial scale is tenths shorter than the mobile scale.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches The mobile scale will shift into the perfect alignment for every tenth of second that the second hand crosses beyond the dial seconds marker. The human eye is extremely good at judging alignment relative to distance traveled across a small gap. In this way, the Vernier gauge acts like a magnifying lens for the difficult-to-read seconds track on the dial.

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This unusual wrist chronograph was first created by Longines in 1968. It was based on a stripped down version of the Calibre 30CH. The running seconds sub-dial was removed and it became the Cal. 538 (not to confuse with the later quartz calibre 538). This strange seconds hand was used until 1972 when the movement changed to a twin register Cal. 332, a rebadged Valjoux 726, The watch survived for four years, which is impressive for a design that was clearly a joke.
What is the point of a gimmick, you ask? The escapements between the movements are the key to the answer. The Longines calibre30CH ran at 2.5Hz, which is five beats per second. This gives five positions where the seconds hand could land. Before the Zenith El Primero, which has a 5 Hz wrist chronograph, a resolution of 0.01 seconds was useless.Omega Globemaster Replica The Cal upgrade was even worse. This was running at 3Hz and six beats per second. A Vernier scale that reads tenths would allow for alignment at the 0.5 second point. All other points would not be possible.

The Vernier scale's weight was another flaw in the extravagant design. This extra weight was located at the tip the seconds hand and created large amounts additional torque when the chronograph was reset. This made it more likely that the hand would slip or fall off.

Calibre 262 was a frequency of 5Hz. This frequency made 10th-of a second timing possible...

...and at 1968 Mexico Olympics, Longines shared timing honors with Omega

The Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica Watches is not a novelty, but a tribute to the Olympic Games. The Vernier gauge was first viewed on a watch that was better equipped to make full use of it. Longines originally intended to use the 5 Hz competition-grade chronometer motion for Olympic timing chronographs in 1940 for the, unfortunately, cancelled Helsinki Games.Calibre de Cartier Replica Watches Longines and Omega shared timing honors at the 1968 Mexico Olympics. Finally, their plans were realized. 1966 saw the unveiling of the calibre 262 split chronograph. A frequency of 5Hz made 10th-of a second timing possible. This necessitated 600 hash marks on an outer track. Without the magnifying power of the Vernier gauge, it would have been difficult to read crucial results accurately. The only source of error is the speed of the marshal's hand.
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